Cryofacials are performed by applying pressurized liquid nitrogen vapors (-240) to the face, neck and scalp with use of small handheld device which helps to stimulate and improve the overall appearance of the skin.


  • Stimulate the production of collagen leading to more firm, smooth, elastic skin
  • Diminishing pores
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Leaving a fresh, young, healthy natural glow

In addition, cryofacials can be used to improve inflammatory skin conditions, including acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and rosacea.

This is most effective non invasive, non drug treatment for enhancing natural beauty.

How the local cryotherapy/ cryofacial treatment process?

The Cryotherapy treatment Room:

  • client enters the cryotherapy treatment room – changing into robe if required to get enough exposure to treatment area
  • cryotechnician with ask you to be on treatment table in comfortable position, allowing for visual and verbal contact with the client at all times
  • Technician and client will be using mask all the time following CDC guidelines.
  • cryotechnician sets the cryolocal therapy equipment to discussed temperature  and time according to area to be treated as per tolerance
  • When the session ends, the client re-robes and exits the treatment room.
Do I will have side effects?

No. May localized redness on treated area, which disappears in couple of hours.