Whole Body Cryotherapy

Originally developed as a technique in Japan in 1978 by Dr. Toshima Yamauchi for treating inflammation caused by rheumatoid arthritis, cryotherapy has been used for years by European health care facilities because of its positive effects on immune, endocrine and musculoskeletal systems. Today, whole body cryotherapy is internationally recognized as an ultimate restorative treatment for the optimizing health, body and mind.

The term cryotherapy comes from the Greek words cryo meaning “cold” and therapy meaning “cure. Whole body cryotherapy is a drug free, non-invasive cooling treatment that activates the nervous system so your body can do what it does best: recover, repair, and restore in 3 mins.



  • Enhanced blood circulation enhances the body’s natural healing process
  • Reduce inflammation aids instant muscle recovery
  • Eases joint pain and stiffness
  • Improve mood
  • Improve sleep
  • Reduce stress and fatigue
  • Natural Weight loss – Burn 500-800 calorie in one 3 min session
  • Improve skin and reduce cellulites
  • Promotes vasoconstriction and vasodilatation- leads to increased levels of oxygenated blood delivered to damaged tissues
  • Fastest way to release hangover

Relive Chronic pain like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia

How does it work?

Cryo-chambers/ Saunas are used for whole body cryotherapy are aimed at reducing your overall skin temperature to between 40°F and 50°F, while maintaining a healthy core temperature. The Client’s body is exposed to dry air chilled vapor (-120 to -260) by liquid nitrogen for 3 mins. This sudden drop in temperature signals the brain to go into “fight or flight” mode, sending blood flow from your extremities back to your vital organs which may be why you feel a pins-and-needles sensation in your extremities. When you exit the chamber again and begin warming up, your blood is pumped vigorously back around the body, creating a flushing effect”. This sudden change in temperature aids in:

  • Metabolism increases to produce more energy.
  • Adrenaline and endorphins are released which reduce pain, elevate mood, stimulate the immune system and boost energy.
  • 500-800 calories are burned during and after the session as the body reheats.
  • Vasodilation occurs circulating fresh oxygenated, nutrient rich blood throughout the body reducing inflammation and accelerating healing.
What to expect?

Our staff/ Cryo- technicians will be available with you at all time until treatment ends and will be happy to answer all your questions and concerns. We assure you that our staff will make this process very simple and easy so, you can have pleasant experience

New Clients needs to sign the wavier prior to treatment.

Initial Consultation:

  • Check frontal temperature
  • Discuss medical history and contraindications
  • Check blood pressure
  • Discuss client’s concerns and objectives for treatment
  • Discuss client’s optimal time and temperature in the cryosauna

 Prepare for cryotherapy in the dressing room:

  • Men remove all clothing except underwear
  • Women may wear a non-underwire bra, underwear or may remove all clothing
  • Clients must remove all jewelry or other metal on their body
  • Clients must be 100 percent dry: towels + hairdryers are provided
  • put on a Revitalize robe, socks and clogs

Post Treatment:

  • Some clients hop on our exercise bike to accelerate the re-heating process
  • Cryotherapy reduces inflammation + activates detoxification. Some clients may experience mild flu-like symptoms 1 – 2 days after treatment. This is a good sign–your body is shedding toxins and inflammation.
  • Drink more water than usual to aid the detoxification process
  • Enjoy a deep sleep that night, reduced pain, improved mobility and good mood!
How the treatment process?

The Cryotherapy Sauna Room:

  • client enters the cryotherapy chamber while robed
  • cryotechnician elevates the floor until client’s head and neck are exposed, allowing for visual and verbal contact with the client at all times
  • client removes robe leaving hand gloves on to maximize skin exposure and benefit
  • cryotechnician sets the cryosauna to discussed temperature (-235F to -270 F) and time (from 30 seconds to 3 minutes) as per tolerance
  • chilled air nitrogen vapor is evenly misted throughout the cabin and is ventilated through the roof
  • Client’s neck/ head are above the chamber to avoid any claustrophobia.

when the session ends, the client re-robes and exits the cryosauna.

How often can I do WBC?

The number of sessions you should have is based the treatment and on the results that you wish to see. The majority of cryotherapy studios recommend programs of at least three sessions per week and a customized treatment plan will be provided by the cryotherapy consultants based on the user’s goals.

At Revitalize, we recommend seven to ten sessions either a few days apart or over a two to three week spread if you want to maximize and maintain your benefits. Newer cryotherapy users should aim for their sessions to be in closer succession while regulars can aim for one to two per week to maintain their results.

How soon I can see results?

Mostly Instantly! The time it takes for you to start seeing results varies from person to person and depends on the specific result that you want to achieve. You’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated straight after your treatment because cryotherapy enhances the release of endorphins, the body’s natural mood lifters. This may last for several hours.

Can happens if I have too many WBC sessions?

It’s recommended that you have up to three minutes of cryotherapy one to five times a week, depending on the results you’re after and how new you are to the therapy. Athletes are using cryotherapy to aid recovery and improve their athletic performance during the game. They tend to have more sessions because their bodies undergo a lot of stress from harsh training routines, and they’re naturally stronger and fitter than your average person, so unless you are similarly tuned, this isn’t ideal.

If you go beyond these recommendations, you may experience:

  • Numbing
  • Tingling limbs
  • Nerve irritation
  • Redness

On the other hand, if you don’t have cryotherapy often enough, you are unlikely to experience the full benefits and will be missing out on its full potential.

What are contraindications for Cryotherapy?

We are not able to provide medical guidance to you on existing conditions you may have, and we recommend that you contact your physician if you are not sure if the treatment will interfere with your situation. If you do not see an answer to your question, please contact us for more information.

Do Not Use if the following apply:

  • Untreated hypertension
  • Heart attack in the previous 6 months
  • Decompensating disease of the cardio vascular and respiratory system; congestive heart failure, COPD, chronic liver disease
  • Unstable angina pectoris
  • Pacemaker
  • Peripheral Arterial Occlusive Disease
  • DVT or known circulatory dysfunction
  • Acute febrile respiratory (flu like respiratory symptoms)
  • Acute kidney and urinary tract diseases
  • Severe Anemia
  • Cold and allergenic phenomenon-known allergy to cold contactants
  • Heavy consumerist diseases-abnormal bleeding
  • Seizure disorders
  • Bacterial and viral infection of the skin, wound healing disorders – open sores or discharging wounds
  • Alcohol and drug related contraindications
  • Valvular heart disease
  • Conditions after heart surgery
  • Ishemic heart disease
  • Pregnancy
  • Vasculitis
  • Hyperhidrosis-heavy perspiration
  • Diabetes
  • Raynaud’s disease
  • Plyneuropathies
Is it dangerous?

No. Revitalize uses the most advanced cryosauna.  The liquid nitrogen used as a chilling agent does not come into contact with your skin, and is the same nitrogen that makes up the air we breathe (actually 78% of it). For added safety, chambers are equipped with an oxygen monitor to pump additional air into the chamber.

Do I take shower before or after the treatment?

No. It is recommended not to shower before the treatment, and it is not necessary to take one after. The treatment is completely dry. On site hair dryer are provided for your convenience.